MAY 2019 - 50,000 P.F.P. Packets:  Design, Printing and Distribution.

​Only $699.00

YOUR COST = Less than 2 cents per printed piece 0.01398 

That's 1 cent per Business Card and backside Advertisement, coupon or daily special advertisement. 

​Your business card will be located on 50,000 printed P.F.P. publications. Your business cards will be detachable, or for better words, (PERFORATED ON EACH P.F.P. PACKET). Once people pull your card from the frame-able photograph, future customers are lead directly to you.

Let Photo Perf work for you!   

Payment plan: If needed, a sales representative can set up a personalized payment plan.

All advertising monies must be collected before going to press. - Your Advertising Partner!

2019 Tulsa, Oklahoma P.F.P. Spring Publication Distribution.

The majority of 50,000 publications will be distributed in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We will be reaching out and giving away the publication in other communities as well. Such as: Broken Arrow, Jenks, Claremore, Owasso, Bartlesville, Oklahoma City, and other communities.

An estimated 40,000 dissemination in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This heavily saturated campaign in your direct business market (Tulsa), along with this outside distribution market strategy will provide you a advertising dollar well spent!